the obligatory introductory post

I just created a WordPress blog and I’m lovin’ it.

Ah, well here we go… another attempt at creating a stable blog. I have a feeling about this one though. WordPress is so pretty and my life is so interesting right now! I’ve had several blogs in the past that I’ve dropped at some point. I do maintain a Twitter page which I am very happy with… probably mostly because I don’t feel like I have to be as grand and profound in what I write. So I’ll try to stick to the same basic principle that it’s based on: short, sweet, and simple updates. However, the blog posts will be longer than 140 characters! I might just use Twitter as a launching pad for ideas for blog posts… These posts will probably encompass an emotion or the happenings of a important event in my life. Also expect some of my little random musings into science, religion, politics, sexuality, and literature. I’m sure the things I post about are common to human experience and human nature.

I really love how grammatically incorrect my blog name is–‘contemplatious’– but it’s cute, and it captures two things about me: the fact that I’m thoughtful and creative. Anyways, I hope the friends or random passers-by that read this blog will be entertained and enlightned and maybe help me do the same!

Now onto customizing this dern thing!


One Response to “the obligatory introductory post”

  1. Yay! new blog, hope it goes well.

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