da onion

Onions seem a fitting metaphor for what people are really like. They have an outer skin, the first of a series of layers. Just like onions, people have many layers and you only get skin deep with them at first. As you get to know people—just as you peel and onion—these layers are revealed. Some onions are rotten on the inside just like people. It’s hard to know upon first glance though. I hate to take such a reductionist standpoint, but I feel that this onion analogy is mostly spot on.

As you peel away onions, they release a gas that creates a dilute solution of sulfuric acid in your eyes causing one’s nerve endings to be stimulated. This results in tears. Indeed, as the layers of the onion peel away, it causes chemical reactions that my just result in… you crying. Toxic friendships are much akin to how horrible one’s breath smells after ingesting an onion or discovering that rotten part.

How long does it take to get to the core of this proverbial onion? How many layers will people give access to? How many will one be able to peel away by force? How do you know when to stop peeling the onion before your eyes turn red or you taste that rotten part?

Maybe I am really carrying out this analogy too far. But I’m moved to write about onions.


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