listen to the Talaxian

For anyone who knows me, it’s no surprise that I’m a total Star Trek fanboy—especially for Star Trek Voyager. I was particularly moved to write this post upon watching an episode entitled ‘Unforgettable.’

Chakotay, the first officer of Voyager falls in love with a member of an alien species called the Ramuran. The Ramuran go at great lengths not to be remembered by anyone they encounter—employing such things as space pheromones and computer viruses (crazy, right?). The alien, Kellin, originally was aboard Voyager. On a mission to hunt a rogue Ramuran, she falls in love with Chakotay. But after her departure the crew, including Chakotay, forget it ever happened.

But Kellin is still in love after leaving and travels back to Voyager to see if she can get Chakotay to remember her so that they may fall in love again. She is also seeking asylum because her people will not allow her to remind the crew of Voyager—or anyone else—of their existence. Chakotay doesn’t remember their love, but Kellin succeeds in making him fall in love with her again. But at the last moment as Voyager tries to escape the Ramurans, they wipe Kellin’s memory. Chakotay tries to remind her that they were in love, just as she did. However, he fails. Remembering nothing, Kellin is compelled by her cultural laws to leave those in her wake without memory of her or her species existence.

Again, because no one may remember their existence, after they leave Chakotay tires to make a written record—the only thing he knows that Ramuran technology cannot affect. He scribbles furiously on paper (so antiquated for the 24th century!) Mr. Neelix, a Talaxian and Voyager‘s chef and morale officer approaches him. In the following dialogue from the show, Mr. Neelix says something quite profound:

[Mess hall]

NEELIX: More coffee, Commander?
CHAKOTAY: No, thanks. I’m almost done.
NEELIX: Strange to see you using those ancient writing implements.
CHAKOTAY: It’s the only way I could get a permanent record of what’s happened in the last few days. I want to get it down before I forget it all.
NEELIX: I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you.
CHAKOTAY: I’ve been trying to make sense of it. I fell in love with her twice. I thought she could do the same. We were the same two people on the same ship. Why didn’t it happen again? I keep going over and over our last conversation, trying to think if there was something I could have said, could have done, but nothing comes to mind.
NEELIX: Commander, I don’t think you can analyze love. It’s the greatest mystery of all. No one knows why it happens or doesn’t. Love is a chance combination of elements. Any one thing might be enough to keep it from igniting. A mood, a glance, a remark. And if we could define love, predict it, it would probably lose its power. I’ll let you finish.
CHAKOTAY: Good night.

I’ve never been in love—but I’d like to know the feeling. This dialogue emphasized something for me. I over-analyze matters like this too much (as I do everything else!). I am also anxious and impatient with things. I think I’ll take a lesson from Neelix and loosen up a bit. If I try to make love a science—define it and predict it—I’ll get nowhere.


3 Responses to “listen to the Talaxian”

  1. LOL…this is something I expect ONLY from you:)

  2. I like your writing, it’s compelling even in situations where I would not be interested in the subject.

    This is not the case however. You’re reaction to this thought on love finally puts your perspective on love in place for me. It’s more important to you than I thought and you are in an undying quest for it. That’s intense; both good and bad.

    Good because you know you haven’t felt what it is you truly want, and to some extent need. That is a naturally curiosity and yearning. However, I feel searching for it so adamantly will lead you in the opposite direction. Lead you to mimicking the life of Marcel Proust, (someone you should get to know more about, if you don’t already). That is a terrible to live your life and you deserve better that that. I beleive Love is the one thing you can’t search for, it’s almost better when it stumbles upon you. Being an assertive and take charge kind of person, that maybe hard to understand, but it’s a lesson for happiness. Take notes. lol.

    All my greatest love affairs happen to bloom and was never me searching through trial and error. To this day I’m still in touch with those ladies and they love me back all the same. Thats true love and I stumbled upon it while living my life. My ultimate suggestion is don’t “worry about the wrong things” (I’ve been listening to Kanye). Instead focus on you, now and the near future. You’re young, healthy, smart, aspired and going well for yourself. Plus you have great friend like me. lol. Enjoy life as it is and forget worry and analyzing Love so much. It’s a great thing, but you’ll find yourself happiest when you love yourself. And funny enough that’s when things come together for you. I kid you not. lol.

    Happy New Year!

  3. […] listen to the talaxian […]

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