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microscope for the soul

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I love me for who I are
yes I said it
but do I mean it?
Does anyone mean it

when they say they love
when they say they hate
when they SAY it ain’t
you it’s me, it’s you, it’s me

the simple act of speech
is it enough to bring
solidarity of the realities?
congruency within/out

perhaps daily affirmation
would work best
daily assurance of
self-worth and dignity

mirrors reveals subjective truths
is it possible to know objectively
what the mind thinks of the body
what the soul thinks of both?


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Seems like so many
have come before me
appeared so alluring
so truly a mystery…

It’s Monday morning and
the first thing I do is check
my messages on that
social networking site

pandora’s blue box
or that little chick
So so many faces in
my time and space

a playground for those
looking to connect and
experience humans
on one level or another

They weren’t what I wanted
Infatuation, false starts
and I need to know does
my soul know what it desires

Desperation steals away
from the ether to my thoughts
clouding my judgement
further fueling my doubts

It’s so routine, so mundane
Text, then sounds, then images
could lead to pretense exposed
or to expectations un/fulfilled

things not realized and essences
revealed–veracity determined
Monday morning quarterbacking
is the result it always seems

even those we know intimately
At the time their words and faces
belie their true intentions
so you yearn for certainty

my frustration ensues
I’m left wondering if
true love is possible
Naiveté leads me jaded

first impressions (on the ride home)

Posted in Poetry on March 11, 2009 by drevolutionary1

wide smile
quirky attitude
transparent compassion
sweet vulnerability
sexy smarts

all lend themselves
to potential partner
loving friend
fair-minded father
beloved brother
organic intellectual

now the progress bar
loads and I wait in
anticipation as thoughts
mimic calculations
and Boolean logic
and predictive models

I can only hope his
thoughts sync with mine
on this fateful server called life
where passwords are required
and intentions as complex
as recursive algorithms

real!? (ahhh)

Posted in Poetry on March 5, 2009 by drevolutionary1

i want love sweet love now
i want you in my arms
i want your warmth
i want your essence

i desire to know you
intimately and truly
as i’ve not any being before
because i know you are

you are special you are
different from others you are
iterating fast and you are
in my thoughts

you are provoking awe
and yet I throw caution
this caution is due
but to what extent

though I know not
your corporeal, I know your
mind/spirit; I know that is
enough at this point

I need something real
I want you near to
hold tight and say
“it’s gon be all OK”

I must temper lonely tears
with logic and reason
for that sword will once again
pierce my soul inflicting

imaginary wounds that
mock the real ones that others
have endured through time
and space in their struggle

please let this be real
wait, i know this real
do i know this is real?
real. real. real. real.


Posted in Poetry on March 4, 2009 by drevolutionary1

his soft lips
glide across mine
completing the circuit
of electric passion

megawatts of passion
alas the insulation
was only infatuation
never true love

what’s that like?
my capacitors always
discharge unfailingly
betraying the ephemeral

I long for the likes
of a power grid
sustained interaction
thriving and coherent

to feel a body
once again in the
context of commitment
the joy provided

could light a city
for millennia
or at least until
the invaders come

ode to the sun

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warm rays pierce grey skies
on earth, joy comes forth to us
rain is gone–come play


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leave me the f%$* alone
leave me to my thoughts
leave me to solitude
leave me to self-loathing

what, you say you won’t?

fine, just sit in the corner
I need to process and just
get to me when my thoughts
get rational–is that possible?

head boppin’ to headphones
heart sinking due to doldrum
this fleshy shell ain’t hard
this thought-train ain’t safe

at some point i expect splatter, though
the question is, what of clean up?
that deadly climax; imminent return
do I want to know the truth?

the specter of uncertainty looms
and my inner strength, presumed
fear of my internal light
correlates with my plight

dealing in the morning. goodnight.