real!? (ahhh)

i want love sweet love now
i want you in my arms
i want your warmth
i want your essence

i desire to know you
intimately and truly
as i’ve not any being before
because i know you are

you are special you are
different from others you are
iterating fast and you are
in my thoughts

you are provoking awe
and yet I throw caution
this caution is due
but to what extent

though I know not
your corporeal, I know your
mind/spirit; I know that is
enough at this point

I need something real
I want you near to
hold tight and say
“it’s gon be all OK”

I must temper lonely tears
with logic and reason
for that sword will once again
pierce my soul inflicting

imaginary wounds that
mock the real ones that others
have endured through time
and space in their struggle

please let this be real
wait, i know this real
do i know this is real?
real. real. real. real.


One Response to “real!? (ahhh)”

  1. Delano Gregory Jackson Says:

    I am unaware of my own ontology but ironically,
    Becoming fully aware of yours.

    Cogito Ergo Sum…
    nos diligo proinde nos es
    We love therefore we are?

    In our union,
    Can we find absolution?
    Will you realize the totality of your brilliance?
    Will ultimate truths be reveal as our bond strengthens?

    I want all you have to offer,
    No concession..,

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