Seems like so many
have come before me
appeared so alluring
so truly a mystery…

It’s Monday morning and
the first thing I do is check
my messages on that
social networking site

pandora’s blue box
or that little chick
So so many faces in
my time and space

a playground for those
looking to connect and
experience humans
on one level or another

They weren’t what I wanted
Infatuation, false starts
and I need to know does
my soul know what it desires

Desperation steals away
from the ether to my thoughts
clouding my judgement
further fueling my doubts

It’s so routine, so mundane
Text, then sounds, then images
could lead to pretense exposed
or to expectations un/fulfilled

things not realized and essences
revealed–veracity determined
Monday morning quarterbacking
is the result it always seems

even those we know intimately
At the time their words and faces
belie their true intentions
so you yearn for certainty

my frustration ensues
I’m left wondering if
true love is possible
Naiveté leads me jaded


2 Responses to “knowing”

  1. Jane(Eblueyes) from Boston Says:

    I think you are talking about us… some of us? Good work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. drevolutionary1 Says:

    It’s my general experience with social-networking sites… finding potential friends/lovers… due to me being somewhat antisocial. LOL. It speaks to some of us I think…

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