microscope for the soul

I love me for who I are
yes I said it
but do I mean it?
Does anyone mean it

when they say they love
when they say they hate
when they SAY it ain’t
you it’s me, it’s you, it’s me

the simple act of speech
is it enough to bring
solidarity of the realities?
congruency within/out

perhaps daily affirmation
would work best
daily assurance of
self-worth and dignity

mirrors reveals subjective truths
is it possible to know objectively
what the mind thinks of the body
what the soul thinks of both?


One Response to “microscope for the soul”

  1. good questions… hard ones to. i wish I could say that i feel like I love myself as much as in MOMENTS I do. I might try the daily affirmation thing like. Good morning Krys, I love you!

    Thanks dre 😉

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