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on the couch next to you…

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , on April 29, 2009 by drevolutionary1

I rub ice cubes on your body
a delicate frosty kiss
because it’s hot

sweat beads cause us to glisten
i would give anything
for this sweet humid haze

in your lap
I find it so much more pleasing
than wintertime firesides roasting

an independent flick plays
subtitles flash
but you have my attention
and I relish this moment

cocktails on the glass coffee table
where water marks reside
and then the inoperable A/C

damn that landlord
damn him to hell
and dance on his doorstep

now a cool bath
to absorb the heat
and please our spirits

summer taunts us
as spring ends
no showers so lets hope
sprinklers suffice

hot fudge sundays

Posted in Poetry on April 2, 2009 by drevolutionary1

you come in so many flavors
some tasty and some bitter
dark chocolate hugs I savor
caramel kisses I figure
would do me right

two scoops is enough
to send me over
I like that coffee stuff
keep me wired and stuff
java beans ground and ruff

kinda like rocky road cuz
I know your soul real tough
when you look at me
those almond eyes staring
into my soul so joyfully

but I sense there is more
you should show your
soft side like a mr. softee
self-serve. I would so adore
those revelations.

melt my heart
like hot fudge sundaes
we’ll share in the park
like Sunday mornings
forever escaping Mondays