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Screw Desperation

Posted in Poetry on May 31, 2009 by drevolutionary1

I can’t believe you
could be so insensitive
I’ve be going through!

I wonder are you friend or a foe?
Could you be a lover?
How could I be so slow?

It had never occurred
that these definitions
are so well blurred

but blame it on me
guess I was too stupid
Was so obvious to see

longing for sustained intimacy
Guess I was too desperate
to realize the fallacy

but I must keep my bearing
a blinding force it can be
no use in preparing

now I’m that much smarter
Faster and stronger
I no longer have to be a martyr

I know now there’ll be another
He’s there waiting for me
A true man, a real brotha

the conditional

Posted in Poetry on May 17, 2009 by drevolutionary1

besides a man’s work (and his play)

what defines him?
Is it his morals?
Is it his passion?
Is it the way he talks?
His education?

a man should not sacrifice
who he is at the expense
of others and their wishes

who should a man
desire for himself?

who should a man
think about at night?

to whom should a man
devote his energies?

whoever this may be
shall not change his essence…

energies should work together
mutual understanding, assurance
respect and compassion

but no crystal balls
shall interfere now
only human instincts
short range sensors