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a tortured christian past – unfiltered

Posted in Love, Personal Life, Poetry, Religion, Sexuality on December 16, 2009 by drevolutionary1

I admire you from afar
In my thoughts you’ll never hear
I wish I could tell you
but what I’m holding back could hurt you

My curse, this wretched curse
My life a shamble should we entangle
Within resides deep pain
Like dark days filled with rain

I look at you and I see
that our love could never be
This wave of emotion
flows over my head

A wave of sorrow
a thousand black nights
I cannot dwell on it
Or else I’ll go insane

help me oh holy one
let goodness prevail
give me strength
in darkness I assail

show me my true love
one natural and refined
empower my mind
to leave this ugly past


Posted in Poetry on December 15, 2009 by drevolutionary1

he is weeeping, sobbing even
uncontrollably through the night
his hopes and fears bound tight
the stars uncovering him in darkness
and revealing his true hearts
a heart of hearts that beats vibrantly
flowing with compassion and love
showing the disastrous results
of hurt and pain inflicted
emotions locked in each chamber
but what is the true entity within?
what is this spirit’s intention?