Dream Log 1

I’m probably leaving out a lot of my dream, but I’m deciding to write what I remember….

I had met with some family friends earlier in the day at what i suspect might be one the first houses i lived in as a child. We all decided to go out in a car that had no roof to it. Of course I was standing, shouting out the top. We passed by a group of black folk and one of them said they recognized me. I shouted, “H U!!!!” To which the group responded, “You Know!!!” The other people in the car were amazed by the response. As we were driving, somehow I got entangled in phone poles. I feared for my life that I would be electrocuted, but I was not. Unfortunately getting caught up in cables knocked me out of the car and pulled a phone poll down, which subsequently crashed down on me. I went into some sort of coma and woke up later… here’s where it gets fuzzy… I have no idea where I woke up, but I remember going out into the word sensing that everything was new. I went to a place that had been known for something else, but was now a brunch spot.

*I think I should note this (and it falls completely out of line with everything else) but I had also noticed everything was transitioning from a cartoon-like world back to reality as we know it… perhaps I was thinking the world had gone cartoony while i was in my coma. ANYWAYS:

I took a seat next to a group of people and directly in front of one girl who was supposedly not with the group. At least, that was her response after I asked her. I got the vibe that she thought I was hitting on her, so she proceeded to join the group next to us, or act like she was. As she was doing this, a group member turned our direction—ostensibly in mid-conversation—and was talking about Noah’s arc. She hugged him. Just then I looked to my left and noticed I knew the person sitting next to me. For some reason the girl ends up walking out, and I’m like, “who was that chick?” To which they replied, “That’s B. She’s a bad bitch!”

There is more, but it gets fuzzy again. I’ll try to write as soon as my dreams hit me again… but that’s all for now! I might post more details if I remember. All in all though, strange dream.

Thoughts on what it might mean?

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