Carved By the Gods… (yessss)

I saw the most beautiful man today with the most gorgeous face. It was like it was carved by gods. He had skin the color of milk chocolate and dark brown eyes framed by long lashes and thick brows. He had a shiny bald head and a lightly trimmed full beard that set his impressive face. His lips were pink and luscious like cotton candy and the only imperfection—if you could call it that—was a unassuming dark circle, a mole, placed slightly above his cheek. Tall, and with a swimmers build, he wore professional attire—under which I could only image existed ripples, sinews, valleys, hills… (un?)touched. I couldn’t help but stare and busied myself looking at other things. Yet, my eyes were still magnetized to his face. And when it came time for me to part I took a mental note. I wanted to remember this moment, no matter how ephemeral or fleeting it seemed to be.


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