Infatuation is dizzying, intoxicating
yet fleeting

Dreams of tag-teaming supermarket aisles
romantic dinners and pillow talk

Dreams of fresh coffee for me in the morning
and eggs and bacon for you

Dreams of bettering the lives of little ones
and watching them grow

Dreams of peaceful walks
just us…

Dreams that you are in my valence
not too noble to see me for what I am

Seems the dream is all too common
wish it was reality

Can’t stand the reruns
and it seems they’re all too widely syndicated

But that plight is not a result of how I live my life
just the nature of the human condition

I realize my wheels might come off at any moment
so I slow down and reassess the road

Snatched back to reality
at a moment’s notice



One Response to “*SNAP!*”

  1. I like this one a lot. I think the chemistry allusion is the best part!!

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