sweet untold joys of pain

Acupuncture needles of hate and deceit descend and rain
causing sweet untold joys of pain
Joys of pain? That sound insane?
All that I claim is that when you can’t maintain
let go and let life take free reign
maybe you’ll see what once escaped your domain
your thoughts and perceptions of what you attain
maybe you won’t show disdain
when your definitions are flipped and strain
It’s so strange ain’t it? No need to abstain
from thought processes that run like a train
give you some form of power and don’t feign
a false sense of security–like avoiding the fast lane
can’t avoid what your heart says it’s simple and plain
can’t clog your ears with some gelatinous membrane
that’s selectively permeable against thoughts that are the bane
of your existence… those everyday thoughts seeming so mundane
those everyday thoughts that supply you with your sweet untold joys of pain


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