A man of stature

A man of stature
With broad shoulders
Full-figured in all the right places
He towers over me

Beautiful luscious lips
And soft hazel eyes
A beard wooly and thick
Just like his thighs

A warm smile
That meets mine in embrace
As our tongues war
In a sea of brown

He melts himself down
And pours himself into me
As I vulcanize
A durable ebonite forms

What keeps me?
It’s waking in the morning
Knowing my gentle giant is still there
To shield my soul

My gentle giant can protect me
And sing away my fears
Dry my tears
Make me forget the pain

He knows my need and desires
Before I can verbalize them
Our hearts
Linked by echolocation

One day he’ll come
And I’ll be ready
But for now all I can do
Is dream of a man of stature


2 Responses to “A man of stature”

  1. Awww, Andre…Thanks for sharing your blog with me again. I had no idea you had this sort of stuff in you.

  2. A man of stature… I wonder if I can live up to that…

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