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Is It Really That Hard?

Posted in TBC on September 29, 2012 by drevolutionary1

Is it really that hard to find a kind, sensitive, handsome, intelligent guy?
He’ll take you for who you are and won’t cheat and won’t lie
Go for long walks on the boardwalk and buy you ice cream
Even in heated debates, in the end, he’s on your team

a quiet dinner inside is just fine because you can read his mind
and a night on the town is fun because he’s fun to be around
people may judge, but he’s not afraid to hold hands
giving you strength to be proud and stand

not perfect, maybe not even the man of your dreams
but someone who understands your hopes and fears
in the middle of the night, there to dry your tears
there in times of duress offering empathetic ears

A spiritual connection beyond creed or complexion
A bind that ties and a love that flies into the skies
Until it’s mine, I guess I can only wonder
Is it really that hard to find a kind, sensitive, handsome, intelligent guy?


Posted in TBC on September 25, 2012 by drevolutionary1

I’ve met him many times
separated by many miles
we can’t prevail

curse time and space
give us our special place
pure and sacrosanct
hidden from file and rank

seconds turn to minutes
minutes to hours
hours to days
days to years

yearning never dissipiates
yet this idea inculcates
pervasive and persistent
intermittent but consistent

to have another to love
compatible like hand and glove
to know each other to the core
understanding to great to ignore

how do I get to him?
I need to free myself, that’s how
loving is freeing
and I need to love myself

but it’s so hard
to unconditionally love

I feel hopeless
I want to cry
Wishing my tears would dry
so I could fly

Free of the shackles
of self-hate and loathing
so my wings can bring me to him
to where he’s always been