I’ve met him many times
separated by many miles
we can’t prevail

curse time and space
give us our special place
pure and sacrosanct
hidden from file and rank

seconds turn to minutes
minutes to hours
hours to days
days to years

yearning never dissipiates
yet this idea inculcates
pervasive and persistent
intermittent but consistent

to have another to love
compatible like hand and glove
to know each other to the core
understanding to great to ignore

how do I get to him?
I need to free myself, that’s how
loving is freeing
and I need to love myself

but it’s so hard
to unconditionally love

I feel hopeless
I want to cry
Wishing my tears would dry
so I could fly

Free of the shackles
of self-hate and loathing
so my wings can bring me to him
to where he’s always been



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