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Posted in TBC on April 27, 2013 by drevolutionary1

It is the night that I made the change

I envision myself in a big white room with candles lit

Summertime, windows open, linen pants

Humid but with a breeze my eyes are closed


I am here.

I have accomplished all I have set out

A wave of acceptance engulfs me

The tipping point


With wine in hand I laugh

I look behind me, as if through an hourglass

And I realize how far I’ve come

Then I search and ask “Why?”


What was I doing wrong before?

The moon whispers to me

He, more than anyone has seen me the most

With late nights and early mornings


He tells me that once I saw myself where I am today

I knew that everything would be ok

For he knew my propensity for the future

Knew that my obsession helped me overcome


He served as a constant reminder

That “everything will be ok” as it always is

Always has been, always will be…

Just as sure as he controls the tide


He told me that I decided not to abide

Those feelings wrought with self-destruction

Or fear what I could not accomplish

That I am so powerful and don’t even know it


The clarity of hindsight

Illuminated a dark place

Where light was not allowed before

This place of men


I see the sky crackle orange

A signal for me to retire

Bid the moon farewell

Until tomorrow


Perhaps the glimpse of things to come

Was what I needed

For he reminded me

Of when I wrote this poem