Master Of The Deep

His sweat
was slippery like rainbow puddles
salty like brine
created a sheen, a natural beauty

Traces of seaweed tingled
as cold rock-like muscles embraced
like nothing I’ve felt before
a quiet undeniable strength

I fell asleep in his chest
two mounds of brown sand
that have felt the crashing waves
and have withstood time’s test

He anchored me firmly
like rocks on a jetty
held me closely
like a snail to its shell

His breath, rhytmic like waves
soothed my worries and pain
His knowing eyes, stared into my soul
electrifying like a pair of eels

His love engulfed me
like the vastness of the sea
and carried me out to tide
surrounding me on every side

His words were simple
Yet they were profound
kept me afloat
when I could have drowned

He disproved the myth
of the ocean’s cruelty
showed me there is no mistress
only master of the deep


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