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the man for me

Posted in TBC on October 20, 2014 by drevolutionary1


I can see it in his smile

How he talks

The sideways glances

The witty remarks


His constant mindfullness

Passion for life

Desire to do better

Be better


In the dark of the night

It’s him I want here

To whisper sweet nothings

lend a sympathetic ear


I want his heart

To lay down its weapons

Its shield and sword

accept me as it’s humble ward


In due time

We will both see

The results of pure love

Washed of fear


Stripped of doubts

And unpleasant sundries


Like armor invincible


Whats remains is faith

That love will win out

Keep us safe

While the stars rotate…


Posted in TBC on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

Your words send me adrift
In the vast universe
My eyes are open as if closed
Anticipating the possibilities

My thoughts flow
As easy a stream gentle
Or a river mighty
Imagining fortification

The night sky covers us both
Yet separated we are
By satellites and electricity
Pondering possibility

Our spirits shall soon dance
Entangle on the physical plane
Not just the ethereal
Broaching reality

And instantly my capacity
Has expanded to receive
Your gifts
The ancestors approve

Spread Too Thin

Posted in TBC on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

I’m spread too thin, it seems
All these psychic elements scattered
Hopes broken and battered
Seems like friendships, relationships don’t matter

Only so much can be poured to the masses
Before the pitcher runs empty
And the people left thirsty
Dried up, laid flat on they asses

Like that last bit of butter
So my toast won’t be bitter
But I ain’t got the dough
To shell out for mo’

Frustrated by the limitations
By the dimensions that are pullin’ me
Don’t wanna be just 2-D
But it seems like I just can’t be

I want to love with intensity
Give my time and energy
My soul is the one suffering
My mind toiling in obscurity

When can I reconcile the pieces of me?
Integrate them into one reality?
Who am I supposed to be?
How do I separate fact and reality?


Posted in Poetry with tags on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

cast out
standing outside my own body
as I watch life go by

As I sigh, lament, and cry
a lifetime of worry and self-conflict
weighing my shoulders down
like a full body cast

Dragging me into the sea of despair
a place no one would care
No passer-by drawn under
No man with compassion set asunder

But the sad thing is
Most are drowning in wax and plaster
as they struggle to mold their shell
fortify their defenses to no avail

For some will always see
their glaringly subtle defects
their bandages of hypocrisy
and their heresy to humanity

Not a soul should have to suffer
this barren anoxic shell
this shiny gift from hell
longing for the flames of heaven

And yet, and still, merciless toils
perfecting the craft, but not the tools
just like the rest of us fools
a struggle no rational thought fails


Posted in Musings with tags , , , , on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

Shots fired
in all directions
all dimensions
exiting all entrances

All minds
united as one
paths crossed
and deeds done

Life after life and
generation after generation
watching, hoping, and waiting
at each and every life station

See a common thread binds us
it ties us
like the gravity of stars at night

Our souls, pure energy
hum and hiss like electrical watts
a surge of current lighting up blocks
illuminating stories untold

Voices unheard
sights unseen
depths of the mind undusted
anything but pristine

A howling in the wind
that we all hear
a fear of falling we all share
but we don’t care

We dare to dream
we dare to change
bold and sublime
with quite rage

Thoughts unjudged
a flow of ideas
and concepts so profound
a faith in humanity abounds

A love greater than individual
challenging the practical
the acceptable
the literal

It’s so beautiful
that I marvel in awe
jaw-dropping grace
the equanimity of the human race

There is a dignity
quiet and undying
that we all see
but don’t always say

My hopes and fears teeter
on the righteous path
the universal arc toward justice
the superhighway of our common condition

Make me one with you
and you, and you
for you are beautiful
and I am too