cast out
standing outside my own body
as I watch life go by

As I sigh, lament, and cry
a lifetime of worry and self-conflict
weighing my shoulders down
like a full body cast

Dragging me into the sea of despair
a place no one would care
No passer-by drawn under
No man with compassion set asunder

But the sad thing is
Most are drowning in wax and plaster
as they struggle to mold their shell
fortify their defenses to no avail

For some will always see
their glaringly subtle defects
their bandages of hypocrisy
and their heresy to humanity

Not a soul should have to suffer
this barren anoxic shell
this shiny gift from hell
longing for the flames of heaven

And yet, and still, merciless toils
perfecting the craft, but not the tools
just like the rest of us fools
a struggle no rational thought fails


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