Spread Too Thin

I’m spread too thin, it seems
All these psychic elements scattered
Hopes broken and battered
Seems like friendships, relationships don’t matter

Only so much can be poured to the masses
Before the pitcher runs empty
And the people left thirsty
Dried up, laid flat on they asses

Like that last bit of butter
So my toast won’t be bitter
But I ain’t got the dough
To shell out for mo’

Frustrated by the limitations
By the dimensions that are pullin’ me
Don’t wanna be just 2-D
But it seems like I just can’t be

I want to love with intensity
Give my time and energy
My soul is the one suffering
My mind toiling in obscurity

When can I reconcile the pieces of me?
Integrate them into one reality?
Who am I supposed to be?
How do I separate fact and reality?


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