Coming Undone As One

Sitting here
on the edge of tomorrow.
Meandering along
the precipice of now.

Worrying, wondering,
my brow furrowed.
Cause and effect dance
beyond my purview.

I question me.
Why neural circuits
fire and flurry,
but don’t switch off.

Why do certain patterns
inculcate into everyday life?
Self-destruction and…
at the same time progress.

Right now the nadir reigns.
And it feels beyond my choice.
But in my heart of hearts,
the acme can always prevail.

The key is lost in this world.
In my life’s experiences.
Like a needle in a haystack.
But will I recognize?

Will I see that which
frees me of 3 dimensions?
Allows transcendent joy
and makes the work easy?

Though weary I must press.
Push with all my might.
Until bones break and
Myosin filaments wear out.

Till the fibers of my soul
lay shredded and bare–
watered with sweat,
spinkled with blood and tears.

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