The Definition

contemplatious (kntm-plshs)

  1. extremely contemplative; obsessively thoughtful—esp. to the point of being witty: That guy over there is so contemplatious, he is in his own world.
  2. a blog about an individual described by his friends as: interesting, reserved, curious, attractive, funny, bright, humble, self-conscious, self-critical, anxious, existential, loving, humorous, witty, intelligent, thoughtful, and an advocate.

5 Responses to “The Definition”

  1. ilove2blogg Says:

    🙂 here. now how do i add u!!??

  2. i like this.

  3. We definitely need to be friends! 🙂

  4. drevolutionary1 Says:

    Make it so!

  5. contemplatious. a person and word i gotta add to my vocabulary…

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