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Posted in Dreams, Love, Poetry on September 18, 2010 by drevolutionary1

a smell… incites the memory… no, the fantasy of you…
we are laying in the bed
I feel the warm of your flesh
I can taste you and it tastes good

I miss you, but I have never met you…
I close my eyes and it all feels so real
memories flood my mind, but we have no past
with these thoughts, I am enraptured

this moment is fleeting
but I do no wish to part with it
I pray my dreams be more vivid
so that I can remember you, dark warrior


Posted in Dreams, Love on August 3, 2010 by drevolutionary1


Infatuation is dizzying, intoxicating
yet fleeting

Dreams of tag-teaming supermarket aisles
romantic dinners and pillow talk

Dreams of fresh coffee for me in the morning
and eggs and bacon for you

Dreams of bettering the lives of little ones
and watching them grow

Dreams of peaceful walks
just us…

Dreams that you are in my valence
not too noble to see me for what I am

Seems the dream is all too common
wish it was reality

Can’t stand the reruns
and it seems they’re all too widely syndicated

But that plight is not a result of how I live my life
just the nature of the human condition

I realize my wheels might come off at any moment
so I slow down and reassess the road

Snatched back to reality
at a moment’s notice


Dream Log 1

Posted in Dreams, Random on January 12, 2010 by drevolutionary1

I’m probably leaving out a lot of my dream, but I’m deciding to write what I remember….

I had met with some family friends earlier in the day at what i suspect might be one the first houses i lived in as a child. We all decided to go out in a car that had no roof to it. Of course I was standing, shouting out the top. We passed by a group of black folk and one of them said they recognized me. I shouted, “H U!!!!” To which the group responded, “You Know!!!” The other people in the car were amazed by the response. As we were driving, somehow I got entangled in phone poles. I feared for my life that I would be electrocuted, but I was not. Unfortunately getting caught up in cables knocked me out of the car and pulled a phone poll down, which subsequently crashed down on me. I went into some sort of coma and woke up later… here’s where it gets fuzzy… I have no idea where I woke up, but I remember going out into the word sensing that everything was new. I went to a place that had been known for something else, but was now a brunch spot.

*I think I should note this (and it falls completely out of line with everything else) but I had also noticed everything was transitioning from a cartoon-like world back to reality as we know it… perhaps I was thinking the world had gone cartoony while i was in my coma. ANYWAYS:

I took a seat next to a group of people and directly in front of one girl who was supposedly not with the group. At least, that was her response after I asked her. I got the vibe that she thought I was hitting on her, so she proceeded to join the group next to us, or act like she was. As she was doing this, a group member turned our direction—ostensibly in mid-conversation—and was talking about Noah’s arc. She hugged him. Just then I looked to my left and noticed I knew the person sitting next to me. For some reason the girl ends up walking out, and I’m like, “who was that chick?” To which they replied, “That’s B. She’s a bad bitch!”

There is more, but it gets fuzzy again. I’ll try to write as soon as my dreams hit me again… but that’s all for now! I might post more details if I remember. All in all though, strange dream.

Thoughts on what it might mean?