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Black boy.

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Beautiful black boy
You are me and I am you
But I don’t understand
Why you do the things you do

Beautiful black boy
Let’s not play hide-and-seek
Because we’ll never win
Even if you peek

Beautiful black boy
I know you don’t see me
But I hope you see you
Learn to love we

Beautiful black boy
You are worth something
More than the eye sees
More than a one-night fling

Beautiful black boy
You are a now a man
A force to be reckoned
A voice to be heard

Beautiful black man
You don’t have to prove yourself
With body counts and body bags
Furtive glances, bulges and sags

Beautiful black man
Put away the shade
Conserve it for those hot days
Bask in the sunshine

Beautiful black man
You are not judge and jury
Nor executioner
But I know you fury

Beautiful black man
I love you
You’re a provider
You’re a nurturer

Beautiful black man
You can woo me
with intentful stares warm embraces
not the stereotypes on TV

Beautiful and black
Black and beautiful
Loyal, steadfast, dutiful
All these things I’ll stay true to you

Beautiful is black is beautiful is black is beautiful…

The Battle And The War

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There’ll always be some cute boy.
But who will captivate you?
Capture your heart,
transform your soul?

There’ll always be some circumstance.
But which won’t impede you?
Which will make you stronger?
Ignore “impossible?”

There’ll always be some lonely night.
But you’ll get through it.
You’re simply lonely,
Never alone.

There’ll always be a mirror
That doesn’t reflect your beauty
But your sense of self
Remains unshaken. Unshattered.

There’ll always be some argument.
But you’ll know when to give.
Being “right” is simply…
Not as important anymore

There’ll always be fear.
But you’ll be powerful.
“Use [your] strength
In the service of [your] vision.”

There’ll be times you cry uncle.
When you’ve given your all.
But just know you haven’t.
You’ve only just begun.

When I Was Carefree and Gay…

Posted in Love, Musings, Personal Life, Poetry, Retrospection on February 7, 2012 by drevolutionary1

What happened to my innocence?

I used to be resolved to find true love
and reject any of those other scenarios
any of those other meaningless things

Instead I became jaded
and now looking back I wonder
was what I thought an illusion
really my destiny?

Deep down I long for companionship
Someone to laugh and cry with
to ask me about my day
and steal my covers at night

Right now I want those things
But I’m not allowing myself to have them
I don’t want to get distracted from life
and my goals for personal achievement

I bask in the glow of temporary flame
while the oil of my lantern is depleted
I’m waiting for the lightbulb to be invented
before darkness takes over

And now I think about those two roads
that Frost said diverged in a yellow wood
and wish I could travel both
moving with ease as one traveller

But at one score and 4 years
I believe my story is not yet done
the road will diverge again and again
the question remains, should I wait?

my fear
that I will travel one beyond reach of the other
that I will travel too long and forget
with no breadcrums to retrace the steps

Protected: Chronic

Posted in Love, Personal Life, Poetry on September 8, 2011 by drevolutionary1

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The Tale Of The Two Metalsmiths

Posted in Love, Poetry, Sex on September 7, 2011 by drevolutionary1

Submit your all to me
Let us become one
Thoughts and desires fused
An entity all knowing, all feeling

A mass of flesh and blood and loin
Emanating heat, light, and passion
We are our own metalsmiths
Our bodies forming alloy

I flow into your crucible
and you flood mine
molten metal lingers
While souls intertwine

Sounds like “CLANK! CLANK!”
As we bang against the anvil
Each strike intensifying
Loud and electrifying

Together forming various shapes
and malleable deformations
Cooling into our final conformation
Witness–a masterpiece of dual creation

Quantum Entanglement (QE)

Posted in Love, Poetry, Science with tags , , , , on August 29, 2011 by drevolutionary1

Hearts linked through quantum entanglement
Undoubtly stranged to estrangement
Thoughts shared on a special wavelength
And motions mimicked like in a phalanx
Faster than fiberoptics
More cryptic to others than coptic
Crisper than HDTV
The instant data-link between him and me…

Affirmations: Body

Posted in Affirmations, Love on March 20, 2011 by drevolutionary1

I love my body
I want to take care of my body
Taking care of my body will bring me good health
Good health will bring me a prosperous life
A prosperous life will bring love and happiness
I WANT and choose to be happy