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The Battle And The War

Posted in Affirmations, Love, Musings, Poetry with tags , , , , on July 4, 2015 by drevolutionary1

There’ll always be some cute boy.
But who will captivate you?
Capture your heart,
transform your soul?

There’ll always be some circumstance.
But which won’t impede you?
Which will make you stronger?
Ignore “impossible?”

There’ll always be some lonely night.
But you’ll get through it.
You’re simply lonely,
Never alone.

There’ll always be a mirror
That doesn’t reflect your beauty
But your sense of self
Remains unshaken. Unshattered.

There’ll always be some argument.
But you’ll know when to give.
Being “right” is simply…
Not as important anymore

There’ll always be fear.
But you’ll be powerful.
“Use [your] strength
In the service of [your] vision.”

There’ll be times you cry uncle.
When you’ve given your all.
But just know you haven’t.
You’ve only just begun.


Posted in Musings with tags , , , , on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

Shots fired
in all directions
all dimensions
exiting all entrances

All minds
united as one
paths crossed
and deeds done

Life after life and
generation after generation
watching, hoping, and waiting
at each and every life station

See a common thread binds us
it ties us
like the gravity of stars at night

Our souls, pure energy
hum and hiss like electrical watts
a surge of current lighting up blocks
illuminating stories untold

Voices unheard
sights unseen
depths of the mind undusted
anything but pristine

A howling in the wind
that we all hear
a fear of falling we all share
but we don’t care

We dare to dream
we dare to change
bold and sublime
with quite rage

Thoughts unjudged
a flow of ideas
and concepts so profound
a faith in humanity abounds

A love greater than individual
challenging the practical
the acceptable
the literal

It’s so beautiful
that I marvel in awe
jaw-dropping grace
the equanimity of the human race

There is a dignity
quiet and undying
that we all see
but don’t always say

My hopes and fears teeter
on the righteous path
the universal arc toward justice
the superhighway of our common condition

Make me one with you
and you, and you
for you are beautiful
and I am too

Atoms Are Not Things; They’re Tendencies

Posted in Existentialism, Musings, nature, Poetry, Science with tags , , , , , on February 29, 2012 by drevolutionary1

I control my reality
Quantum states on an everyday basis
Contemplating what my thoughts are laced with
The tendencies of atoms we’re faced with

Thoughts become things
A series of chains reactions
Chemical reactions in my brain
Creating this thing called existence

Indulge me in my persistance
As I enlighten you in this
A new way of thinking
Shedding groups of particle-waves linking

Do you understand what this means?
That there is a difference in what we all see?
That both I and you make me?
We control both the bird and the tree.

Think on that my friend
For you will find solace in your epiphany
The truth is stranger than fiction
There is no reality

When I Was Carefree and Gay…

Posted in Love, Musings, Personal Life, Poetry, Retrospection on February 7, 2012 by drevolutionary1

What happened to my innocence?

I used to be resolved to find true love
and reject any of those other scenarios
any of those other meaningless things

Instead I became jaded
and now looking back I wonder
was what I thought an illusion
really my destiny?

Deep down I long for companionship
Someone to laugh and cry with
to ask me about my day
and steal my covers at night

Right now I want those things
But I’m not allowing myself to have them
I don’t want to get distracted from life
and my goals for personal achievement

I bask in the glow of temporary flame
while the oil of my lantern is depleted
I’m waiting for the lightbulb to be invented
before darkness takes over

And now I think about those two roads
that Frost said diverged in a yellow wood
and wish I could travel both
moving with ease as one traveller

But at one score and 4 years
I believe my story is not yet done
the road will diverge again and again
the question remains, should I wait?

my fear
that I will travel one beyond reach of the other
that I will travel too long and forget
with no breadcrums to retrace the steps

Queer black Folk

Posted in African-American, blackness, LGBT, Musings, Poetry, Politics, Race, Sexuality with tags , , , , on September 20, 2011 by drevolutionary1

Queer like honey in my coffee
Like the difference in my love
My lovestyle, not my lifestyle
Get with it man and fight the power

Queer like stories I tell
Regaling you by
Spilling hot tea
And rekindling old flames

Queer like me
Because I’m proud to be different
From my straight brothas and sistas
Because I am someone unique

Queer like the CriticismHate
That I get from family and friends
Who have the same level of melanin
And know the sting of oppression

Queer like Queer
Because the mantras of self-identification seem so many
And agreement on any so few
But that’s ok

Queer like the ancestors
Who give me strength, daily
Who give me encouragement
Who give me hope

Queer like Queer
Like Queer Like
Queer like Queer
Like Queer Like…..

Solace (let the sunshine in)

Posted in Existentialism, God, Musings, Personal Life, Poetry, Religion on February 23, 2011 by drevolutionary1

oh bastion of salvation
i entreat thee
embrace me

carry my woes to the ends of the earth
give me solace in time of grief
cast out the darkness that consumes
and the venom that burns

Roll like the gentle stream
And the nimbus on a calm sunny day
Take my fears away
I’ll try not to stray

When I look upon the horizon
Your light ushers in a new dawn
In that moment
I am a believer

Stealing away into my thoughts
safe from menacing eschew
There’s a nagging feeling
“Can this be true?”


Posted in Existentialism, Musings, Poetry, Random on August 8, 2010 by drevolutionary1

We all have our own spheres
Each one safe from certain fears
A venue for free self-expression
Categorically free of opression

But only for the moment

We juggle them on the daily
Alas, they can become too numerous
One might find themself flailing
Trying to reconcile the incongrous

Be true to you boo
Be tru in eveythang u do
Cuz ur only livin life for you

Hiding is only good but so long
I want you to be strong
Learn to love your inner song

As a child you loved yourself
Don’t let society change that
Don’t undermine your inner-wealth
Or your song will sound flat

Abundance not scarcity
Radiance not darkness