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Posted in Existentialism, Musings, Poetry, Random on August 8, 2010 by drevolutionary1

We all have our own spheres
Each one safe from certain fears
A venue for free self-expression
Categorically free of opression

But only for the moment

We juggle them on the daily
Alas, they can become too numerous
One might find themself flailing
Trying to reconcile the incongrous

Be true to you boo
Be tru in eveythang u do
Cuz ur only livin life for you

Hiding is only good but so long
I want you to be strong
Learn to love your inner song

As a child you loved yourself
Don’t let society change that
Don’t undermine your inner-wealth
Or your song will sound flat

Abundance not scarcity
Radiance not darkness



Posted in Poetry, Random on August 3, 2010 by drevolutionary1

I look’d of thou
your shorn, mad, wiry hairs
soil which is of pleasant wards
when I fled to the shadows…


Posted in Existentialism, Musings, Poetry, Random, TBC on July 27, 2010 by drevolutionary1

I’m on a plane above life
below… conflict, strife
sincere truth I so desire
and the fire, it must be quenched…

it must burn like a million stars
provide the clarity necessary
to see the ways of life bizarre
afar, so afar it all seems…

and yet gentle streams flow
trees and crops grow
thriving wildlife in tow
then us mythical creatures, we’re the real show…

some day when we are long gone
others will look on
perhaps with bemusement
no memories, but glorious ruins of monument


Posted in Poetry, Random on April 7, 2010 by drevolutionary1

You ask, am I ready to retire?
When will I expire?
You should know the answer
Defeat fuels my fire

You think I’m down for the count?
Haha! I’ve just begun
Don’t get so confident
This only round one!

Bring the sound and the fury!
Bring the judge and the jury!
Cuz at the end of the day
My strength is enduring

This time I won’t wallow in self-defeat
My past battles taught me how to take the heat
For I am a warrior
I am elite

Carved By the Gods… (yessss)

Posted in blackness, Musings, Random on March 18, 2010 by drevolutionary1

I saw the most beautiful man today with the most gorgeous face. It was like it was carved by gods. He had skin the color of milk chocolate and dark brown eyes framed by long lashes and thick brows. He had a shiny bald head and a lightly trimmed full beard that set his impressive face. His lips were pink and luscious like cotton candy and the only imperfection—if you could call it that—was a unassuming dark circle, a mole, placed slightly above his cheek. Tall, and with a swimmers build, he wore professional attire—under which I could only image existed ripples, sinews, valleys, hills… (un?)touched. I couldn’t help but stare and busied myself looking at other things. Yet, my eyes were still magnetized to his face. And when it came time for me to part I took a mental note. I wanted to remember this moment, no matter how ephemeral or fleeting it seemed to be.

Dream Log 1

Posted in Dreams, Random on January 12, 2010 by drevolutionary1

I’m probably leaving out a lot of my dream, but I’m deciding to write what I remember….

I had met with some family friends earlier in the day at what i suspect might be one the first houses i lived in as a child. We all decided to go out in a car that had no roof to it. Of course I was standing, shouting out the top. We passed by a group of black folk and one of them said they recognized me. I shouted, “H U!!!!” To which the group responded, “You Know!!!” The other people in the car were amazed by the response. As we were driving, somehow I got entangled in phone poles. I feared for my life that I would be electrocuted, but I was not. Unfortunately getting caught up in cables knocked me out of the car and pulled a phone poll down, which subsequently crashed down on me. I went into some sort of coma and woke up later… here’s where it gets fuzzy… I have no idea where I woke up, but I remember going out into the word sensing that everything was new. I went to a place that had been known for something else, but was now a brunch spot.

*I think I should note this (and it falls completely out of line with everything else) but I had also noticed everything was transitioning from a cartoon-like world back to reality as we know it… perhaps I was thinking the world had gone cartoony while i was in my coma. ANYWAYS:

I took a seat next to a group of people and directly in front of one girl who was supposedly not with the group. At least, that was her response after I asked her. I got the vibe that she thought I was hitting on her, so she proceeded to join the group next to us, or act like she was. As she was doing this, a group member turned our direction—ostensibly in mid-conversation—and was talking about Noah’s arc. She hugged him. Just then I looked to my left and noticed I knew the person sitting next to me. For some reason the girl ends up walking out, and I’m like, “who was that chick?” To which they replied, “That’s B. She’s a bad bitch!”

There is more, but it gets fuzzy again. I’ll try to write as soon as my dreams hit me again… but that’s all for now! I might post more details if I remember. All in all though, strange dream.

Thoughts on what it might mean?