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Solace (let the sunshine in)

Posted in Existentialism, God, Musings, Personal Life, Poetry, Religion on February 23, 2011 by drevolutionary1

oh bastion of salvation
i entreat thee
embrace me

carry my woes to the ends of the earth
give me solace in time of grief
cast out the darkness that consumes
and the venom that burns

Roll like the gentle stream
And the nimbus on a calm sunny day
Take my fears away
I’ll try not to stray

When I look upon the horizon
Your light ushers in a new dawn
In that moment
I am a believer

Stealing away into my thoughts
safe from menacing eschew
There’s a nagging feeling
“Can this be true?”

I am You, You are Me, We are We

Posted in African-American, LGBT, Poetry, Politics, Race, Religion, Sexuality on January 10, 2010 by drevolutionary1

We are the wounded ones
The ones in hiding
Your native daughters and sons
In the church pews, abiding

I am You, You are Me, We are We

We are the soldiers on the front lines
The writers of the great American classic
The rappers with the dope rhymes
The comedians witty and sarcastic

I am You, You are Me, We are We

We are the vagrants on the streets
The teachers bestowing knowledge
The 3-time championship athletes
The freshmen in college

I am You, You are Me, We are We

We are the ones who feel the burn
that can only come from our kin
we experience their throes of misguided love
And they call our love sin?

I am You, You are Me, We are We

But we still heal (your ailments)
But we still defend (you from the criminal justice system)
But we still kneel (to god on your behalf)
But we still lend (money when you’re broke)

I am You, You are Me, We are We

We won’t be placed in a box
Nor set to the side
Not relegated to psychic dimensions, unrealized
We’ve many more times to be fiercely reprised

I am You, You are Me, We are We

We are one despite what you may think.

a tortured christian past – unfiltered

Posted in Love, Personal Life, Poetry, Religion, Sexuality on December 16, 2009 by drevolutionary1

I admire you from afar
In my thoughts you’ll never hear
I wish I could tell you
but what I’m holding back could hurt you

My curse, this wretched curse
My life a shamble should we entangle
Within resides deep pain
Like dark days filled with rain

I look at you and I see
that our love could never be
This wave of emotion
flows over my head

A wave of sorrow
a thousand black nights
I cannot dwell on it
Or else I’ll go insane

help me oh holy one
let goodness prevail
give me strength
in darkness I assail

show me my true love
one natural and refined
empower my mind
to leave this ugly past