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The Chronicles of Zeric Pt 2

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September 14th, 2242

He was bald, beige colored and had shiny silken dark eyebrows, long eyelashes, and piercing dark brown eyes. Back on earth, his friends joked that he was a “pretty boy.” He was a world-class athlete having played Lacrosse, Rugby, and Jai alai in University, so he had an intense physique. Despite what outward confidence his physical appearance belied—the twenty-three year-old Quantaz Zeric had a few doubts about embarking on his journey to become a doctor. His father always wanted him to continue pursuing sports and compete in the Olympics, and his mother wanted him to become an artist—for Zeric was gifted with a creative mind. As Earth nationalists, both his parents definitely wanted him to remain on Earth. They believed in isolationism and thought that humans had no business meddling in the affairs of the other cultures of the galaxy.  However, Quantaz had other plans. After a summer of volunteering with one of the most renowned Medical Exobiologists treating alien visitors on earth, he was inspired to explore space and become a doctor himself. His parents wanted him close to home on Earth, but his ambitions drove him apply to for the Brenoran Academy for Exomedicine and get on the first solar transport away from Earth.

It was a long journey from Earth on a solar transport travelling at sub-light speeds, but he couldn’t afford any of the transports that could travel as light speeds, and his family certainly wasn’t going to help him in this endeavor. This was his first time in space, so in addition to his racing thoughts, he had been fighting space sickness. As he looked out the window into the empty vastness, the space station grew closer and closer as his heart beat faster and faster.

Just then, the conductor made an announcement. “All passengers, welcome to Brenora space station. This is the final stop on Solarix Travels. Please make sure to take all your belongings with you upon exiting the shuttle.”

Quantaz frantically scrambled for his baggage and then stepped off the solar transport. When the docking clamps locked and the pressurization cycle was complete, he raced off feeling extremely nauseous.

“Pull it together Q!” he thought. “You’ve avoided the space sickness the whole flight!” But it was too late. With a sound so ugly that it could only could be compared with the wail of Retroublian lymph worm, Zeric lost his lunch right at the entrance to the space station.

“Nice!” he heard a voice call out from somewhere in his periphery. “I think you have more variety of colors in your vomit than any other student I’ve seen with space sickness!”

Zeric looked up and noticed a strange purple man with short close cropped hair like cotton and a spotted face sporting a smirk of self-satisfaction.

“Galdren Sirinus of Brenora ” He held out his hand in a gesture to help up Quantaz. Quantaz accepted and the two of them shook hands.

“That’s kind of strange isn’t it? You waiting right here by the airlock? Have you been here all day watching people get off the transports?”

Galdren smiled. “Well, I’m just sizing up my competition. So far I haven’t met anyone that’s a challenge to my valedictory pursuits.”

“Valedictorian? Classes haven’t even started yet! Besides, the valedictorian is right in front of you!”

Galdren briefly scanned his surroundings in bewilderment. Both the men stared at each other for a few seconds until they burst out into laughter.

“I didn’t catch your name.”

“My name’s Quantaz Zeric. Sometimes people call me ‘Q,’ but you can call me whatever you’d like.”

Galdren put his arm around Quantaz’s shoulder. “Well Mr. Zeric, let’s go find out our housing assignments!”

Zeric’s first year at the Brenoran Academy for Exomedicine (BAFEX) proved very challenging. More challenging than he ever thought. However, he was committed to not giving up. He never gave up on anything he set his mind to. This was no different. His friendly rivalry with Gladren helped him develop a true friendship he reckoned could withstand the test of time. Zeric hid the fact that his medical endeavors ensured exile from his family back on Earth, and all of his other friends were scattered through his home system. But as he and Gladren grew closer, they shared secrets. On holidays and special occasions, Zeric spent time with Galdren and got to meet his family back on his home planet, Brenora Prime. The Brennites were an extremely friendly species and good relations with humans. Galdren’s family was more than willing to take in Zeric, and even game him a Brennite nickname, “Zerooni.” This was what Galdren always wanted—to learn about alien cultures and expand his horizons. Little did he know what his academic pursuits would hold in store for him.

The Chronicles of Dr. Zeric Pt. 1

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May 16th, 2262

“Well, Dr. Zeric, will you tell me what I need to know, or will I have to coax it out of you?” said the figure that emerged from the shadows.

The searing pain of betrayal still resided in him as he contemplated how he could have been played so easily. His scientific curiosity blinded him as to what they really wanted to do with his research. But maybe the real issue was that his closest friend lied to his face. That his closest friend knew what was really going on the whole time.

Dr. Zeric was still somewhat groggy from the more than sufficient dose of inoxolene he was given. His head was still spinning and the whirring and buzzing of computer panels were not helping. He mustered up enough strength to realize where he was and what he had to do.

“Galdren, it’s not too late for you to stop this,” said Quantaz as he struggled with his restraints. “Do you really want to do this?”

As Galdren began circling Dr. Zeric like a vulture, his face became full of disgust.

“You’re so naive. You always have been. You think everyone is motivated by good and righteousness. That no one will try to get over on you. Guess that’s what you get for staying locked up in the lab away from the rest of the world. Well, my friend, I feel it is my duty to disabuse of your false notions. I’ll have to extract what I need from your memory engrams.”

Dr. Zeric shuddered. He knew that memory engram extraction caused permanent brain damage.

“Galdren, this is madness! What did they tell you? What did they give you?”

“Oh Zeric, you and I both know what benefits I will reap from this. The investors are already on board and now all we need is that little secret you’re keeping from us.”

Galdren walked over to the window and gazed upon the empty vastness of space. With a laugh he continued, “You’re being awfully selfish.”

“SELFISH?!! How dare you Galdren! What you’re doing is flying in the face of all that is right and just! You have to take a step back and think about this… what it will really mean if you go through with it! We’re talking about contamination of the gene pool… who knows what kind of effect this will have on the future? What kind of causality loops it could cause!”

“Do you think I care? There is so much potential for this discovery! Aren’t you curious to see where the fruits of our labor could land us? Don’t you want to be recognized for your… for our accomplishments?”

“Galdren there was a reason why I stopped with MY research. It was unethical and with each passing night I could not live with myself knowing what I could create. I felt the same way Einstein did after he helped create that atom bomb. If you look within your conscience you’ll see that I’m…”

“I’ve had enough of this. You think you have the moral high road, so there’s no reasoning with you. I’m just going to have to take what I want by force.”

A small needle found its way into the base of Dr. Zeric’s neck. He fell unconscious. Galdren hit a buzzer and two very tall, very muscular orderlies came into the room. Tim and Grim, as they were called, were menacing twins.

“The inoxolene should have him knocked out for a while longer. Prep him for the engram extraction.” Galdren hit another button and the restraints were released. The two orderlies smiled as if they were about to pounce upon fresh meat. They collected Dr. Zeric’s unconscious body and awaited further instruction.

Incoming transmission from Zenvar Prime, a cool emotionless male voice stated.

“Take him to Room 3,” Galdren told the orderlies. “ARICS, patch me through to that transmission.”

Transmission feed active. ARICS replied.

A viewscreen in the room displayed a haggard pale face. The lines worn in the man’s face betrayed a sense of desperation commingled with exasperation.

“Greetings Galdren”

“Hello Mr. Selak. What can I do for you?”

“I’m checking in on your progress with retrieving that sensitive information. I didn’t give you an unlimited crew and resources just to let you gallivant around the galaxy, now did I?” Selak grinned.

“No sir, you didn’t. Things have just been taking a little longer than I… uh… expected,” said Galdren nervously. “But rest assured, sir. I will have everything we need by the time I reach Zenvar Prime”

“I hope so Galdren. For your sake. Selak out.”

Just then Gladren heard the clanking of metal trays and a loud thud outside of his room in the corridor. He rushed to find the source of the noise and when he arrived in the corridor both Tim and Grim lay subdued on the floor moaning in pain.

“What happened!?!” Galdren shouted. “ARICS, locate Dr. Zeric!”

Dr Zeric is in shuttle bay 2.

“Damn it! You fools! ARICS, open a channel in shuttle bay 2!”

Channel open.

Zeric you’re not going to get away from me that easily! You have nowhere to go! You don’t know where you are either. I WILL find you,” he shouted. “I will hunt you down to the ends of the galaxy for your secret!”

“Goodbye Galdren,” Zeric said as he smirked and initiated the launch sequence in his shuttle. The launch bay doors were closed, but Zeric was going to punch his way through.

“I hope what my shuttle is made of is stronger than these launch bay doors,” Zeric said nervously. “Here we go!”

With a gesture across his touchscreen the shuttle launched. Now all that was on his side was luck and a will to survive. But as long as he was alive Galdren would be chasing after him. What a dilemma…

The Proposal: A Short Story

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As Alanzo sat on the floor watching the rain hit his windowsill, he thought of how he would piece together the data from his recent experiments. He took off his glasses and rubbed his temples hoping that it would somehow free the stress accumulated from the day. His legs were crossed and his back was hunched over multiple stacks of paper. It was 2 am and he had been drifting in and out of sleep. Suddenly he sensed another presence in the room. The dark skinned man behind him sat down and started rubbing his shoulders, instantly changing Alanzo’s mood.

“I was thinking about you all day at work” the man said, kissing Alanzo on the neck.

“Y tu guapito!”  Alanzo turned his head to give his boyfriend, Xavier, a smooch on the lips.

“So have you cured cancer yet?” Xavier asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Hmmm. Not yet,” Alanzo said in an equally sarcastic, but lovingly appreciative tone. Xavier, a writer by trade, wasn’t all that fond of the sciences. In fact he barely passed Chemistry in high school—but that didn’t stop his attraction to Alanzo’s scientific mind and intellect. He loved how Alanzo’s face lit up when he explained science to little kids or broke down some complex concept to the average Joe. Alanzo was also quite a compassionate and caring man who gave so much of himself. Wondering what he did to deserve such a beautiful man, he thought now was the right time. As he began stroking Alanzo’s wavy black hair, he gathered the courage to pop the question.

“Marry me.”

Alanzo chuckled in disbelief. But after a few seconds he felt the stare of sincere eyes on his back. His heart began racing and he thought of all the implications of marriage. Why would he need to get married? Was his commitment to Xavier not already strong?

“I’m so serious right now Alanzo. I want you to be mine forever and I want to have a big ceremony and I want all of our friends to be a part of it.”

“You’re not joking, huh?” asked Alanzo. He thought of how is co-workers would react to the fact that he was married to a man. He wasn’t closeted about his sexuality—in fact his parents were very supportive–but at times he struggled deciding when to tell people he was gay.

Xavier rested his chin so that it fit perfectly into the depression on Alanzo’s shoulder.

“What would your parents and your church think?” Alanzo queried. “They don’t know about you at all.”

“I am tired of hiding. They are going to have to deal with me and take me as I am.”

Xavier took Alanzo’s caramel colored hand in his own and placed a small silver band in it. The ring was warmed by Xavier’s body heat—for he had been holding on to it ever so tightly since he had gotten home in anticipation of this moment. Alanzo turned around and Xavier slipped on the ring. He looked deep into Xavier’s dark brown eyes. He saw a man whose creativity inspired him and whose joy made him feel alive.

Alanzo embraced Xavier deeply and whispered into his ears, “Yes. Yes I will marry you!”

“Ok now, it’s 2 am and I’m gonna need you to come to bed mister. You can work on this in the morning. I bought a bottle of champagne, so go meet me in the bedroom.

Alanzo sprang up from his position playfully. Xavier slapped him on the butt as he ran to the bedroom. Xavier went into the kitchen and obtained two champagne flutes and the bottle of champagne he purchased. After reaching the bedroom, he poured some of the bubbly liquid into both flutes and joined Alanzo in the bed.

“Champagne is my favorite,” Alanzo said, bringing the effervescent substance to his face. He could feel the fizz and savored the moment with the one he loved.

“Precisely my dear,” Xavier replied. They stared into each other’s eyes until they drifted off…