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Coming Undone As One

Posted in TBC on October 29, 2015 by drevolutionary1

Sitting here
on the edge of tomorrow.
Meandering along
the precipice of now.

Worrying, wondering,
my brow furrowed.
Cause and effect dance
beyond my purview.

I question me.
Why neural circuits
fire and flurry,
but don’t switch off.

Why do certain patterns
inculcate into everyday life?
Self-destruction and…
at the same time progress.

Right now the nadir reigns.
And it feels beyond my choice.
But in my heart of hearts,
the acme can always prevail.

The key is lost in this world.
In my life’s experiences.
Like a needle in a haystack.
But will I recognize?

Will I see that which
frees me of 3 dimensions?
Allows transcendent joy
and makes the work easy?

Though weary I must press.
Push with all my might.
Until bones break and
Myosin filaments wear out.

Till the fibers of my soul
lay shredded and bare–
watered with sweat,
spinkled with blood and tears.

the man for me

Posted in TBC on October 20, 2014 by drevolutionary1


I can see it in his smile

How he talks

The sideways glances

The witty remarks


His constant mindfullness

Passion for life

Desire to do better

Be better


In the dark of the night

It’s him I want here

To whisper sweet nothings

lend a sympathetic ear


I want his heart

To lay down its weapons

Its shield and sword

accept me as it’s humble ward


In due time

We will both see

The results of pure love

Washed of fear


Stripped of doubts

And unpleasant sundries


Like armor invincible


Whats remains is faith

That love will win out

Keep us safe

While the stars rotate…


Posted in TBC on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

Your words send me adrift
In the vast universe
My eyes are open as if closed
Anticipating the possibilities

My thoughts flow
As easy a stream gentle
Or a river mighty
Imagining fortification

The night sky covers us both
Yet separated we are
By satellites and electricity
Pondering possibility

Our spirits shall soon dance
Entangle on the physical plane
Not just the ethereal
Broaching reality

And instantly my capacity
Has expanded to receive
Your gifts
The ancestors approve

Spread Too Thin

Posted in TBC on October 11, 2014 by drevolutionary1

I’m spread too thin, it seems
All these psychic elements scattered
Hopes broken and battered
Seems like friendships, relationships don’t matter

Only so much can be poured to the masses
Before the pitcher runs empty
And the people left thirsty
Dried up, laid flat on they asses

Like that last bit of butter
So my toast won’t be bitter
But I ain’t got the dough
To shell out for mo’

Frustrated by the limitations
By the dimensions that are pullin’ me
Don’t wanna be just 2-D
But it seems like I just can’t be

I want to love with intensity
Give my time and energy
My soul is the one suffering
My mind toiling in obscurity

When can I reconcile the pieces of me?
Integrate them into one reality?
Who am I supposed to be?
How do I separate fact and reality?

Master Of The Deep

Posted in TBC on May 27, 2013 by drevolutionary1

His sweat
was slippery like rainbow puddles
salty like brine
created a sheen, a natural beauty

Traces of seaweed tingled
as cold rock-like muscles embraced
like nothing I’ve felt before
a quiet undeniable strength

I fell asleep in his chest
two mounds of brown sand
that have felt the crashing waves
and have withstood time’s test

He anchored me firmly
like rocks on a jetty
held me closely
like a snail to its shell

His breath, rhytmic like waves
soothed my worries and pain
His knowing eyes, stared into my soul
electrifying like a pair of eels

His love engulfed me
like the vastness of the sea
and carried me out to tide
surrounding me on every side

His words were simple
Yet they were profound
kept me afloat
when I could have drowned

He disproved the myth
of the ocean’s cruelty
showed me there is no mistress
only master of the deep


Posted in TBC on April 27, 2013 by drevolutionary1

It is the night that I made the change

I envision myself in a big white room with candles lit

Summertime, windows open, linen pants

Humid but with a breeze my eyes are closed


I am here.

I have accomplished all I have set out

A wave of acceptance engulfs me

The tipping point


With wine in hand I laugh

I look behind me, as if through an hourglass

And I realize how far I’ve come

Then I search and ask “Why?”


What was I doing wrong before?

The moon whispers to me

He, more than anyone has seen me the most

With late nights and early mornings


He tells me that once I saw myself where I am today

I knew that everything would be ok

For he knew my propensity for the future

Knew that my obsession helped me overcome


He served as a constant reminder

That “everything will be ok” as it always is

Always has been, always will be…

Just as sure as he controls the tide


He told me that I decided not to abide

Those feelings wrought with self-destruction

Or fear what I could not accomplish

That I am so powerful and don’t even know it


The clarity of hindsight

Illuminated a dark place

Where light was not allowed before

This place of men


I see the sky crackle orange

A signal for me to retire

Bid the moon farewell

Until tomorrow


Perhaps the glimpse of things to come

Was what I needed

For he reminded me

Of when I wrote this poem


Is It Really That Hard?

Posted in TBC on September 29, 2012 by drevolutionary1

Is it really that hard to find a kind, sensitive, handsome, intelligent guy?
He’ll take you for who you are and won’t cheat and won’t lie
Go for long walks on the boardwalk and buy you ice cream
Even in heated debates, in the end, he’s on your team

a quiet dinner inside is just fine because you can read his mind
and a night on the town is fun because he’s fun to be around
people may judge, but he’s not afraid to hold hands
giving you strength to be proud and stand

not perfect, maybe not even the man of your dreams
but someone who understands your hopes and fears
in the middle of the night, there to dry your tears
there in times of duress offering empathetic ears

A spiritual connection beyond creed or complexion
A bind that ties and a love that flies into the skies
Until it’s mine, I guess I can only wonder
Is it really that hard to find a kind, sensitive, handsome, intelligent guy?