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Shots fired
in all directions
all dimensions
exiting all entrances

All minds
united as one
paths crossed
and deeds done

Life after life and
generation after generation
watching, hoping, and waiting
at each and every life station

See a common thread binds us
it ties us
like the gravity of stars at night

Our souls, pure energy
hum and hiss like electrical watts
a surge of current lighting up blocks
illuminating stories untold

Voices unheard
sights unseen
depths of the mind undusted
anything but pristine

A howling in the wind
that we all hear
a fear of falling we all share
but we don’t care

We dare to dream
we dare to change
bold and sublime
with quite rage

Thoughts unjudged
a flow of ideas
and concepts so profound
a faith in humanity abounds

A love greater than individual
challenging the practical
the acceptable
the literal

It’s so beautiful
that I marvel in awe
jaw-dropping grace
the equanimity of the human race

There is a dignity
quiet and undying
that we all see
but don’t always say

My hopes and fears teeter
on the righteous path
the universal arc toward justice
the superhighway of our common condition

Make me one with you
and you, and you
for you are beautiful
and I am too


Master Of The Deep

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His sweat
was slippery like rainbow puddles
salty like brine
created a sheen, a natural beauty

Traces of seaweed tingled
as cold rock-like muscles embraced
like nothing I’ve felt before
a quiet undeniable strength

I fell asleep in his chest
two mounds of brown sand
that have felt the crashing waves
and have withstood time’s test

He anchored me firmly
like rocks on a jetty
held me closely
like a snail to its shell

His breath, rhytmic like waves
soothed my worries and pain
His knowing eyes, stared into my soul
electrifying like a pair of eels

His love engulfed me
like the vastness of the sea
and carried me out to tide
surrounding me on every side

His words were simple
Yet they were profound
kept me afloat
when I could have drowned

He disproved the myth
of the ocean’s cruelty
showed me there is no mistress
only master of the deep


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It is the night that I made the change

I envision myself in a big white room with candles lit

Summertime, windows open, linen pants

Humid but with a breeze my eyes are closed


I am here.

I have accomplished all I have set out

A wave of acceptance engulfs me

The tipping point


With wine in hand I laugh

I look behind me, as if through an hourglass

And I realize how far I’ve come

Then I search and ask “Why?”


What was I doing wrong before?

The moon whispers to me

He, more than anyone has seen me the most

With late nights and early mornings


He tells me that once I saw myself where I am today

I knew that everything would be ok

For he knew my propensity for the future

Knew that my obsession helped me overcome


He served as a constant reminder

That “everything will be ok” as it always is

Always has been, always will be…

Just as sure as he controls the tide


He told me that I decided not to abide

Those feelings wrought with self-destruction

Or fear what I could not accomplish

That I am so powerful and don’t even know it


The clarity of hindsight

Illuminated a dark place

Where light was not allowed before

This place of men


I see the sky crackle orange

A signal for me to retire

Bid the moon farewell

Until tomorrow


Perhaps the glimpse of things to come

Was what I needed

For he reminded me

Of when I wrote this poem


Is It Really That Hard?

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Is it really that hard to find a kind, sensitive, handsome, intelligent guy?
He’ll take you for who you are and won’t cheat and won’t lie
Go for long walks on the boardwalk and buy you ice cream
Even in heated debates, in the end, he’s on your team

a quiet dinner inside is just fine because you can read his mind
and a night on the town is fun because he’s fun to be around
people may judge, but he’s not afraid to hold hands
giving you strength to be proud and stand

not perfect, maybe not even the man of your dreams
but someone who understands your hopes and fears
in the middle of the night, there to dry your tears
there in times of duress offering empathetic ears

A spiritual connection beyond creed or complexion
A bind that ties and a love that flies into the skies
Until it’s mine, I guess I can only wonder
Is it really that hard to find a kind, sensitive, handsome, intelligent guy?


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I’ve met him many times
separated by many miles
we can’t prevail

curse time and space
give us our special place
pure and sacrosanct
hidden from file and rank

seconds turn to minutes
minutes to hours
hours to days
days to years

yearning never dissipiates
yet this idea inculcates
pervasive and persistent
intermittent but consistent

to have another to love
compatible like hand and glove
to know each other to the core
understanding to great to ignore

how do I get to him?
I need to free myself, that’s how
loving is freeing
and I need to love myself

but it’s so hard
to unconditionally love

I feel hopeless
I want to cry
Wishing my tears would dry
so I could fly

Free of the shackles
of self-hate and loathing
so my wings can bring me to him
to where he’s always been


Grey matters (Part 1)

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I like things black and white
So sue me
Let’s bring our feelings to the light
So there’s no confusion

No shade, but 
these grey matters perplex
my grey matter
(And the white for that matter)

If I made another grey reference
It would we be to your anatomy
Then again, that image is real clear
First thing you shared with me

Got me thinking you’re Dorian
And I’m painting your portrait
I’m doin’ what I can
So I’m not forcing it

Gonna let things ride
While I eye the overcast skies
No expectations for sun
No hopes for grey to be undone

See these matters ain’t new to me
Niggas had my mental in the red
But now I’m in the black
Greyscale balanced in the ledger head

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 5 / March 5th / ” 3-Line Lemon Poem”

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Lemons, so YELLOW and ROUND, enable my drink of choice
They make SOUR mix, and with and tequila, it’s SWEET, JUICY, and TART
That magical CITRUS FRUIT is zesty–don’t judge it’s PEEL!