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Quantum Entanglement (QE)

Posted in Love, Poetry, Science with tags , , , , on August 29, 2011 by drevolutionary1

Hearts linked through quantum entanglement
Undoubtly stranged to estrangement
Thoughts shared on a special wavelength
And motions mimicked like in a phalanx
Faster than fiberoptics
More cryptic to others than coptic
Crisper than HDTV
The instant data-link between him and me…


First Time Investor

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Investments and Returns
Nail-biting, stomach churns
Doubt precludes
but something inside yearns

I don’t wanna fail
I don’t wanna fuck up
Put trust in the wrong bonds
end up bankrupt

But how much risk is enough?
How much risk is too much?
When your heart’s on the line
you can’t let your stocks decline

Let’s say I invest
What then is my return?
There’s no statistical test
No strategy to learn…

Share profits and earnings
Companies wanted to merge
But somehow they were passed over
Plenty of times on the verge…

Reliance on market predictions is too heavy
Sometimes it’s OK to trust instincts
But is the emotional capital there?
No way to tell for sure, and it’s no fair

That’s. Trade.

Soul Man

Posted in Love, nature, Poetry with tags , , , , on March 16, 2010 by drevolutionary1

Soul Man, you the 1 that make me jam
Yea… the rhythm of you and me—man 2 man
Meet me by the tree at 3
Come, bring your drum—you who I been waitin’ 4
A beat so sweet it travel down the street
B it slow or B it fast
C, I just wanna make it last
So fresh, so DEF—so fresh, so DEF…

The Proposal: A Short Story

Posted in Love, Short Stories with tags , , on June 15, 2009 by drevolutionary1

As Alanzo sat on the floor watching the rain hit his windowsill, he thought of how he would piece together the data from his recent experiments. He took off his glasses and rubbed his temples hoping that it would somehow free the stress accumulated from the day. His legs were crossed and his back was hunched over multiple stacks of paper. It was 2 am and he had been drifting in and out of sleep. Suddenly he sensed another presence in the room. The dark skinned man behind him sat down and started rubbing his shoulders, instantly changing Alanzo’s mood.

“I was thinking about you all day at work” the man said, kissing Alanzo on the neck.

“Y tu guapito!”  Alanzo turned his head to give his boyfriend, Xavier, a smooch on the lips.

“So have you cured cancer yet?” Xavier asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Hmmm. Not yet,” Alanzo said in an equally sarcastic, but lovingly appreciative tone. Xavier, a writer by trade, wasn’t all that fond of the sciences. In fact he barely passed Chemistry in high school—but that didn’t stop his attraction to Alanzo’s scientific mind and intellect. He loved how Alanzo’s face lit up when he explained science to little kids or broke down some complex concept to the average Joe. Alanzo was also quite a compassionate and caring man who gave so much of himself. Wondering what he did to deserve such a beautiful man, he thought now was the right time. As he began stroking Alanzo’s wavy black hair, he gathered the courage to pop the question.

“Marry me.”

Alanzo chuckled in disbelief. But after a few seconds he felt the stare of sincere eyes on his back. His heart began racing and he thought of all the implications of marriage. Why would he need to get married? Was his commitment to Xavier not already strong?

“I’m so serious right now Alanzo. I want you to be mine forever and I want to have a big ceremony and I want all of our friends to be a part of it.”

“You’re not joking, huh?” asked Alanzo. He thought of how is co-workers would react to the fact that he was married to a man. He wasn’t closeted about his sexuality—in fact his parents were very supportive–but at times he struggled deciding when to tell people he was gay.

Xavier rested his chin so that it fit perfectly into the depression on Alanzo’s shoulder.

“What would your parents and your church think?” Alanzo queried. “They don’t know about you at all.”

“I am tired of hiding. They are going to have to deal with me and take me as I am.”

Xavier took Alanzo’s caramel colored hand in his own and placed a small silver band in it. The ring was warmed by Xavier’s body heat—for he had been holding on to it ever so tightly since he had gotten home in anticipation of this moment. Alanzo turned around and Xavier slipped on the ring. He looked deep into Xavier’s dark brown eyes. He saw a man whose creativity inspired him and whose joy made him feel alive.

Alanzo embraced Xavier deeply and whispered into his ears, “Yes. Yes I will marry you!”

“Ok now, it’s 2 am and I’m gonna need you to come to bed mister. You can work on this in the morning. I bought a bottle of champagne, so go meet me in the bedroom.

Alanzo sprang up from his position playfully. Xavier slapped him on the butt as he ran to the bedroom. Xavier went into the kitchen and obtained two champagne flutes and the bottle of champagne he purchased. After reaching the bedroom, he poured some of the bubbly liquid into both flutes and joined Alanzo in the bed.

“Champagne is my favorite,” Alanzo said, bringing the effervescent substance to his face. He could feel the fizz and savored the moment with the one he loved.

“Precisely my dear,” Xavier replied. They stared into each other’s eyes until they drifted off…


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Seems like so many
have come before me
appeared so alluring
so truly a mystery…

It’s Monday morning and
the first thing I do is check
my messages on that
social networking site

pandora’s blue box
or that little chick
So so many faces in
my time and space

a playground for those
looking to connect and
experience humans
on one level or another

They weren’t what I wanted
Infatuation, false starts
and I need to know does
my soul know what it desires

Desperation steals away
from the ether to my thoughts
clouding my judgement
further fueling my doubts

It’s so routine, so mundane
Text, then sounds, then images
could lead to pretense exposed
or to expectations un/fulfilled

things not realized and essences
revealed–veracity determined
Monday morning quarterbacking
is the result it always seems

even those we know intimately
At the time their words and faces
belie their true intentions
so you yearn for certainty

my frustration ensues
I’m left wondering if
true love is possible
Naiveté leads me jaded

what I would give

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , on January 7, 2009 by drevolutionary1

what I would give for
his warm embrace for
arms wrapped around

a smile that reaches down
in my soul and stirs
takes away my fears
and dries my tears

gentle hands of wisdom
caressing my head
helping me overcome
accepting truth instead

I know that he is mine
when I look into his eyes
I’ve no need to pine
my head is in the skies

riding this love train
with a buzz in my brain
destination: exultation

the nature of hatelove

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/Dusty dry soil of oppression
abounds on this earth.
/rivers of justice roll
bringing up the
/silt of human decency.