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The Chronicles of Dr. Zeric Pt. 1

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May 16th, 2262

“Well, Dr. Zeric, will you tell me what I need to know, or will I have to coax it out of you?” said the figure that emerged from the shadows.

The searing pain of betrayal still resided in him as he contemplated how he could have been played so easily. His scientific curiosity blinded him as to what they really wanted to do with his research. But maybe the real issue was that his closest friend lied to his face. That his closest friend knew what was really going on the whole time.

Dr. Zeric was still somewhat groggy from the more than sufficient dose of inoxolene he was given. His head was still spinning and the whirring and buzzing of computer panels were not helping. He mustered up enough strength to realize where he was and what he had to do.

“Galdren, it’s not too late for you to stop this,” said Quantaz as he struggled with his restraints. “Do you really want to do this?”

As Galdren began circling Dr. Zeric like a vulture, his face became full of disgust.

“You’re so naive. You always have been. You think everyone is motivated by good and righteousness. That no one will try to get over on you. Guess that’s what you get for staying locked up in the lab away from the rest of the world. Well, my friend, I feel it is my duty to disabuse of your false notions. I’ll have to extract what I need from your memory engrams.”

Dr. Zeric shuddered. He knew that memory engram extraction caused permanent brain damage.

“Galdren, this is madness! What did they tell you? What did they give you?”

“Oh Zeric, you and I both know what benefits I will reap from this. The investors are already on board and now all we need is that little secret you’re keeping from us.”

Galdren walked over to the window and gazed upon the empty vastness of space. With a laugh he continued, “You’re being awfully selfish.”

“SELFISH?!! How dare you Galdren! What you’re doing is flying in the face of all that is right and just! You have to take a step back and think about this… what it will really mean if you go through with it! We’re talking about contamination of the gene pool… who knows what kind of effect this will have on the future? What kind of causality loops it could cause!”

“Do you think I care? There is so much potential for this discovery! Aren’t you curious to see where the fruits of our labor could land us? Don’t you want to be recognized for your… for our accomplishments?”

“Galdren there was a reason why I stopped with MY research. It was unethical and with each passing night I could not live with myself knowing what I could create. I felt the same way Einstein did after he helped create that atom bomb. If you look within your conscience you’ll see that I’m…”

“I’ve had enough of this. You think you have the moral high road, so there’s no reasoning with you. I’m just going to have to take what I want by force.”

A small needle found its way into the base of Dr. Zeric’s neck. He fell unconscious. Galdren hit a buzzer and two very tall, very muscular orderlies came into the room. Tim and Grim, as they were called, were menacing twins.

“The inoxolene should have him knocked out for a while longer. Prep him for the engram extraction.” Galdren hit another button and the restraints were released. The two orderlies smiled as if they were about to pounce upon fresh meat. They collected Dr. Zeric’s unconscious body and awaited further instruction.

Incoming transmission from Zenvar Prime, a cool emotionless male voice stated.

“Take him to Room 3,” Galdren told the orderlies. “ARICS, patch me through to that transmission.”

Transmission feed active. ARICS replied.

A viewscreen in the room displayed a haggard pale face. The lines worn in the man’s face betrayed a sense of desperation commingled with exasperation.

“Greetings Galdren”

“Hello Mr. Selak. What can I do for you?”

“I’m checking in on your progress with retrieving that sensitive information. I didn’t give you an unlimited crew and resources just to let you gallivant around the galaxy, now did I?” Selak grinned.

“No sir, you didn’t. Things have just been taking a little longer than I… uh… expected,” said Galdren nervously. “But rest assured, sir. I will have everything we need by the time I reach Zenvar Prime”

“I hope so Galdren. For your sake. Selak out.”

Just then Gladren heard the clanking of metal trays and a loud thud outside of his room in the corridor. He rushed to find the source of the noise and when he arrived in the corridor both Tim and Grim lay subdued on the floor moaning in pain.

“What happened!?!” Galdren shouted. “ARICS, locate Dr. Zeric!”

Dr Zeric is in shuttle bay 2.

“Damn it! You fools! ARICS, open a channel in shuttle bay 2!”

Channel open.

Zeric you’re not going to get away from me that easily! You have nowhere to go! You don’t know where you are either. I WILL find you,” he shouted. “I will hunt you down to the ends of the galaxy for your secret!”

“Goodbye Galdren,” Zeric said as he smirked and initiated the launch sequence in his shuttle. The launch bay doors were closed, but Zeric was going to punch his way through.

“I hope what my shuttle is made of is stronger than these launch bay doors,” Zeric said nervously. “Here we go!”

With a gesture across his touchscreen the shuttle launched. Now all that was on his side was luck and a will to survive. But as long as he was alive Galdren would be chasing after him. What a dilemma…