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The Battle And The War

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There’ll always be some cute boy.
But who will captivate you?
Capture your heart,
transform your soul?

There’ll always be some circumstance.
But which won’t impede you?
Which will make you stronger?
Ignore “impossible?”

There’ll always be some lonely night.
But you’ll get through it.
You’re simply lonely,
Never alone.

There’ll always be a mirror
That doesn’t reflect your beauty
But your sense of self
Remains unshaken. Unshattered.

There’ll always be some argument.
But you’ll know when to give.
Being “right” is simply…
Not as important anymore

There’ll always be fear.
But you’ll be powerful.
“Use [your] strength
In the service of [your] vision.”

There’ll be times you cry uncle.
When you’ve given your all.
But just know you haven’t.
You’ve only just begun.


Out Of The Woods…

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am i out of the woods?
men and their woods?
everything they do to get the goods?
all the wannabe thugs and hoods?

am i out of the woods?
unbearable heartache
and i realize all that’s at steak…

am i out of the woods?
when it comes to
doubting myself
building my self-worth above all else
recognizing my inner wealth

am i out of the woods?
youthful naïveté
the “he say, she say”
the games adults play

am i out of the woods?
life’s mystery
the universe’s beauty and complexity
what my future holds in store for me

am i out of the woods?
i’ll look to my elders
pick up their maps
take note of their tracks
make my own path too
and never look back

microscope for the soul

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , on March 28, 2009 by drevolutionary1

I love me for who I are
yes I said it
but do I mean it?
Does anyone mean it

when they say they love
when they say they hate
when they SAY it ain’t
you it’s me, it’s you, it’s me

the simple act of speech
is it enough to bring
solidarity of the realities?
congruency within/out

perhaps daily affirmation
would work best
daily assurance of
self-worth and dignity

mirrors reveals subjective truths
is it possible to know objectively
what the mind thinks of the body
what the soul thinks of both?

reflections on human will and ‘The Force’

Posted in 2009 Resolutions, Health/Fitness, Personal Life, Sci-Fi with tags , , , , , , , on January 6, 2009 by drevolutionary1

Oh George Lucas, thank you for Star Wars!

I think one of your best creations are the Jedi. I love what they represent. Jedi can access a supernatural essence called ‘The Force’ that can allow great mental and physical enhancement by using:

  • patience
  • calm
  • equanimity
  • control
  • discipline

I think these are all traits for which we strive. Contrast this with the Sith, who can also access the force, but using:

  • anger
  • fear
  • disorder
  • chaos
  • hatred

We all have a little Jedi and Sith inside of us.

The question is, to what extent are the two balanced? To what extent is it healthy to follow each set of values? Somehow using the dark side always ends up in someone’s hands being cut off:

Goshdarnet Dooku, that smarts!

"Goshdarnet Dooku, that smarts!"

But I digress. Of course Star Wars draws it’s concepts from other mythology and belief. I’m thinking Yin and Yang here (many others I’m sure).

So how do I want to harness ‘the force?’ I think the force is analogous to our spirit and willpower. I could focus my being and energies on chaos and incite mass destruction and achieve great results. On the other hand I could employ great control and discipline and channel my intelligence to creating a cure for diseases.

I want to be more Jedi-like because I sometimes have a problem with discipline and will power. There are several goals I have for 2009 for which developing Jedi-like habits will help:

  1. learn to love myself more: some housekeeping is in order!
  2. lose weight: I’m currently around 300 lbs. Let’s set a modest goal of 30 lbs loss before graduation (May 9, 2009)
  3. develop healthy sleeping patterns: bed by 12 at latest
  4. change what/when/why/how often I eat: to supplant my plans to lose weight. Modifying these factors can really have an effect on metabolism
  5. finish off my last semester: so I can graduate
  6. finish a short term project of my research at school
  7. achieve acceptance into a post-bac program
  8. get a 30 – 35 on the MCAT
  9. complete MD/PhD applications

It is most important however, in any endeavor to have balance. Both the Jedi and Sith were extremes of ideals. This was never mentioned in any movies, but in the Star Wars universe, there also exists the Jensaarai. They mixed Jedi and Sith teachings. I think they are more accurate presentation of how one may control or use the force. In my goals I will keep balance in mind.

Now. Let’s get crackin’!