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Queer black Folk

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Queer like honey in my coffee
Like the difference in my love
My lovestyle, not my lifestyle
Get with it man and fight the power

Queer like stories I tell
Regaling you by
Spilling hot tea
And rekindling old flames

Queer like me
Because I’m proud to be different
From my straight brothas and sistas
Because I am someone unique

Queer like the CriticismHate
That I get from family and friends
Who have the same level of melanin
And know the sting of oppression

Queer like Queer
Because the mantras of self-identification seem so many
And agreement on any so few
But that’s ok

Queer like the ancestors
Who give me strength, daily
Who give me encouragement
Who give me hope

Queer like Queer
Like Queer Like
Queer like Queer
Like Queer Like…..

Protected: Chronic

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The Tale Of The Two Metalsmiths

Posted in Love, Poetry, Sex on September 7, 2011 by drevolutionary1

Submit your all to me
Let us become one
Thoughts and desires fused
An entity all knowing, all feeling

A mass of flesh and blood and loin
Emanating heat, light, and passion
We are our own metalsmiths
Our bodies forming alloy

I flow into your crucible
and you flood mine
molten metal lingers
While souls intertwine

Sounds like “CLANK! CLANK!”
As we bang against the anvil
Each strike intensifying
Loud and electrifying

Together forming various shapes
and malleable deformations
Cooling into our final conformation
Witness–a masterpiece of dual creation